Experiences with the energy disks (or Powerforms):

When I am feeling upset, anxious or not grounded for some reason, I can hold an energy disk between my hands and feel as calm in seconds as if I had taken deep breaths in a quiet place for 15 minutes. I use it when I am in a mall or other crowded place to help me detach from other people’s energies. I have placed it on my forehead while I had a headache, and the pain went away (although when I removed the disk the pain returned again). With time my headache dissipated and I didn’t need the disk on my forehead. When I drive for a long distance I put a disk behind my lower back, and I don’t feel the pain that I get when I sit in one place for a long time. I have slept with a disk on my abdomen or behind my back to assist my body to heal itself.

One of my friends (a Reiki Master) finds that with using the disk she is able to see a 3-D hologram which she then enters and explores. Another friend held a disk between her hands and felt an electrical zap up her left arm, towards her injured shoulder. Another friend said he feels calmer after holding the disk after a hard day at work. One customer found his throat pain (from his cold) went away if he fanned his throat with a disk. When my kids were younger they slept with a disk because it helped them to settle down and go to sleep.

Customers who have booths at tradeshows have had success with the Activator, for attracting more people to them and their booth, and the Neutral Space plate, to release the energies of all the people they see during the day.

The Activator fits in the palm of your hand. Some customers have turned it into a pendant using one of the holes on the edge. The other disks are about the size of a hand. They fit in my purse or pocket when I am not home.

The feeling most people get from the disks is subtle – described as buzzing, humming, warmth, or just “different”. Some people feel nothing, but they will receive benefits from the disks regardless. You can hold them between your palms, put them under your pillow, sweep them across your chakras and meridians to assess or balance them, use the different finger positions provided in the book with the affirmations, clear out negative energy from a room, raise the vibration of water or food, maximize your creativity, deepen your meditation, and more.

There will usually be one to three of the disks that are more suited to you than the others. The ones that are best for me are different than the one that is best for each of my daughters and my friends.  You can see which one you are drawn to or use your intuition to choose the best one.

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